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Why Crib Is Important for Your Baby

Having a baby is a bundle of joy to the parents. Parents always want them to grow up, to love and be loved, to follow their dreams, to find success. Every parent wishes to give the best things for their children from cleaning to bedding items. There are varieties of bedding essentials for a baby. Especially, a baby crib with storage will be very helpful for parents. A bedding essential is very important for a baby for physical and emotional well-being.

The importance of a crib

Sleep is a beautiful thing, and every living thing needs ample time for sleeping. Sleep enhances the activity of the brain during the early stages of a baby. So it is vital to create a safe environment and comfortable bedding for your children.

Crib bedding plays a major role in the child’s peaceful sleep. It meets all the necessities of a parent. Therefore is secure as it has safety considerations. A baby crib with storage is comfortable and safest.

It is the best solution for your baby’s bed to come for years. A crib with storage facilitates a dresser and a changing table. Some under crib storage looks like drawers. A baby crib with storage is popular and fast-moving nowadays. A crib with storage is available in various decors, sizes, and prices.

Bedding essential for a baby

Sleep is essential for human beings, especially for growing children. To provide a cozy and safe surrounding for your baby is very important. To make your baby feel comfortable during sleep is vital. Preparing your baby’s bedding in a nursery is a significant task. The following are the various bedding items listed:

  • Crib
  • Bassinet
  • Crib mattress
  • Crib sheets & Bumpers

Why Crib Is Important for Your Baby


We call a specifically designed bed for infants as a bassinet or a bassinette. The recommended age for a baby to sleep in a bassinet is from childbirth to four months old. The weight of a bassinet ranges from 5 to 9 kilograms. It is advisable to move your child into a crib when he/she is around 8–10 kilograms. A bassinet is available with music, and lights.

Pros of Bassinet:

  • Portable
  • Affordable price
  • Decreases the risk of SIDS
  • Special features

Cons of Bassinet:

A brief span of a lifetime

  • Less cost-effective
  • Weight limits


Another form of an infant bed with top bars around the sides is called a crib. A crib features slatted, high enclosing sides that form a safety perimeter around a mini-sized mattress. A crib with storage is the safest bedding option for your babies.  The recommended age to sleep in a crib is from 5 months–3 years old babies. They make it of wood, plastic, or aluminum.

Pros of a Crib:

  • Higher life span
  • Safety
  • Storage features
  • Convertible

Cons of a Crib:

  • Larger
  • Non-portable
  • Higher immediate cost

Why Crib Is Important for Your Baby

Differential features of a crib and a bassinet

Crib bedding is a step safer than bassinet bedding. Especially, a baby crib with storage is useful for new parents. As you can keep your baby’s essentials in the crib itself.

Both cribs and bassinets are safe bedding options for your babies. But both have their unique features. The below tabulation makes it easier to understand the differences:










Lasts up to six-month-old infants. A baby doesn’t grow out of a crib until 3 years old. A convertible crib can be a toddler bed.


Safe to use until the recommended age. They design top bars around the sides to protect your baby from rolling or falling off the crib. 



Parents can travel with their babies using the easily portable bassinet. Parents who encourage self-dependence will get better suited to a crib for their babies.

Types of cribs

The following are the various types of cribs:

  • Convertible crib
  • Standard crib
  • Travel crib
  • Round crib
  • Multi-functional crib

Convertible crib: A crib that can get transformed or converted into one or two various kinds of beds. We can change it into a toddler bed, or a daybed, even a full-sized bed. Parents who are planning to have a single child can go for this. We know a crib that grows with your child as a convertible crib.

Standard crib: Parents often choose a standard crib. It is a crib with four fixed top bars and slats. Parents who are planning for multiple kids can go for this.

Travel crib: Parents can often use portable cribs while traveling. You can fold it into a bag for easy transportation. If you need to travel with your baby, then it is indispensable.

Round crib: These are highly attractive to your infants. Round cribs are unique, but not a practical option. They are often a fashion choice.

Multi-functional crib: A multi-functional crib includes two or more pieces of furniture into its design. It finds out additional uses and helps in saving money. It can be a dresser or drawers for storage.

Why Crib Is Important for Your Baby

 Safety considerations of a crib

  • The cribs should be in the right sizes.
  • The corner posts must be smooth and should flush with end panels.
  • The mattress should fit firmly into the cribs.
  • The paints and varnish colors must be non-toxic.
  • Ensure that the mattress is made of non-synthetic and organic cotton.

Advantages and disadvantages of cribs

The tabulation given below gives a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages of various types of cribs for choosing the right cradle for your babies.


  • Long-lasting
  • Cost-effective
Expensive and looks dull after years. Conversion kits can get lost
  • Cheap
  • Easy to build
  • Highly resistant
No add-on features and difficult to move
  • Cheap
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to assemble
Temporary and not suitable for daily usage
  • Highly attractive
  • Easily portable
  • No sharp corners
  • Compact
  • Extremely safe
Shorter life span and fewer mattress options
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CRIBS No need for additional furniture and Storage choices Larger


Setting up a nursery for your infant is a challenging task for every new parent. Ensuring plenty of factors, choose the best one for your baby. The major furniture that you will have to enhance your nursery is with a baby crib. Choosing the crib for your baby is a significant task. Undoubtedly, a baby crib with storage is the best option for parents. As a parent, all you should do is enjoy your infant’s atrocities and encourage their every move.


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