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What I Learned From the Stomach Flu

We made it almost three years without our little Curly Fries catching a stomach bug.  Alas, it could not last forever.  There have been some grim moments this week, and lots of laundry and several emergency baths.  But could there be a silver lining in losing your stomach lining?  Here’s what I learned.
1)      Bleach is hardcore.
2)      In terms of distress, a tiny drop of vomit in a girl’s hair is worth buckets of it on her clothes.
3)      Buying a duplicate lovey bear was a very wise idea.
4)      Red Gatorade makes for a more vivid smile than yellow Gatorade.
5)      We’re all vulnerable.  All you can do is wash your hands and pray.
6)      Feather pillows are not washable, but they are replaceable.
7)      Monsters stay out of your room when you’re too sick to care.
8)      Never underestimate the healing, cleansing power of opening the windows to your bedroom during a rain shower.
9)      All of us need to be reminded of what it means to live in and be a body.  Curly Fries is not quite three, but this is a powerful embodied lesson for her.  She demonstrated it when she told me “I am sick.”  She doesn’t have to be very old to know that when one part of your body feels bad, all of you is sick.
10)   When you get to feeling better after being very ill, you dance a lot more easily and heartily.


I Am a Shaken Parent.


Parenting is not the same as having kids.  It’s not even the same as being a parent.  We’re trying our best to muddle our way through, and so far, I think we’re doing good enough.  This site is my attempt to keep myself accountable to reflecting, processing, and learning about myself and my family.  I not only want to share that with you, I want input and reflections from you as well.  It probably does take a village to raise a child, and the internet makes for an awfully large village.  Maybe you will recognize your own family in these posts.  Please feel free to leave comments on your own thoughts and feelings.  God knows we could use all the help and input we can get!

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